Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Oracle of Oil Predicts $200-a-Barrel Crude

An Oracle of Oil Predicts $200-a-Barrel Crude
New York Times
May 21st, 2008

Arjun Murti's predictions


Anonymous said...

Hi, a while ago I'm sure you had a Canterelle chart showing.

Please can you direct me to where I can find good Canterelle data, preferably since production started.

I want to compare it with the UK which has peaked at ~75% of URR (not the 50% everybody traditionally expects) by the looks of it.

Thanks for any help.


mfp said...

Hey Xeroid,

let me dig up my spreadsheet on Cantarell. I'll explain how I get the numbers, but it's complicated.

I keep meaning to update my Mexican charts so this will be a good time.

Henio said...

He is an Oracle???? :-)

Where was he 3-4 years ago ?

The current supply/demand situation lends it self to the easy prediction that prices will be HIGHER !!! No need to be an Oracle TODAY.

You can find data on Canterelle on the


mfp said...

Pemex publishes yearly field numbers in their annual statistical reports.

I derive monthly numbers using these reports and their monthly releases on Southeast Marine production by subtracting out estimates for the other fields.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips guys.

I'll see what I can deduce.