Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Net Oil Exports - May 2008 Update

Net Oil Exports - May Update. Top 20 Exporters (93% of total exports).

[next update -July 15th]

I revised February up by about 330,000 bpd. March stays about the same and April exports drop by about 135,000 bpd. all revision data is included in spreadsheet.

Click on following link to download updated Excel spreadsheet(420 kb):
[Next update July 15th]
scroll down to bottom of linked page and hit orange button on right and

then hit second prompt if download doesn't start immediately


Anonymous said...

Good work.

It's a shame that we only have projected data for 2008 at the moment.

If you compare trendlines for your latest net exports data with world c+c (which is the stuff priced at ~$127) both peaked around early 2006.


Anonymous said...

which agency you use for this data?I assume its EIA