Thursday, May 22, 2008

Annual Net Oil Exports

Note: I saw a comment on The Oil Drum suggesting that I should have an annual graph. I posted this last October and will update it in June when the EIA releases its latest annual numbers. I'll also make a version matching the Top 20 Chart using raw barrels instead of a percentage.

The purple line extends out a few more years because it had the data I was using for the Top 20 (I was only doing Top 15 at the time)


Here is a preliminary yearly chart of oil exports. These numbers are simply the Total Liquids Production numbers minus the Total Liquids Consumption numbers published each June by the EIA. I believe t12 is the consumption table I used. I'll document that when I update this. I made this earlier this year and I still need to update it for the last year of available data. But the basic shape of things should be clear.

The reason I used the different datasets of countries was the result of adding more and more data to see if anything changed significantly. It doesn't. The reason the different datasets use such weird numbers(18,26,42,49, etc.) was because I wanted to use the same countries in each case, and there are only 49 countries that have consistently exported oil in the last 20 years.

China for instance is number 49 on the list and they haven't exported since 1991. Six other countries have not exported in a few years, hence the next dataset of Top 42. The addition of Kazakhstan to the top 15 gives the current Top 16 which I use for the Monthly Chart. These top 16 make up 90% of total net exports. The top 20 are 93% and top 25 are 96%

Note that this chart uses Percentage of Total Liquids as a measure, when I update this, I'll probably switch to raw barrels.


Anonymous said...

That's a good graph. It contains a lot of information including percent of production retained by the producers. All you have to do is put on a curve of the %of production retained by exporters to round it out.

Anonymous said...

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