Friday, September 19, 2008

Net Oil Exports - August 2008 Update

Net Oil Exports - August 2008 Update. Top 20 Exporters (93% of total exports).


Anonymous said...

May I ask your opinion on data like this :

It looks like it shows Crude exports separated out.


admin said...

That's exactly the data I'd love to see more of. Unfortunately it is only for one western country with good accounting and the latest info is for 2005.

EIA has tables listing both consumption and production for every country in the world. But only updated through 2006.

They don't do a break down like that on most countries.

Do you have the link for an index of countires they break down like that?

admin said...

Xeroid -

Here's the corresponding page for Saudi Arabia. It is only updated for 2004 and, as you can see, NGLs are listed but there is no information for them. They are being produced, but neither being consumed or exported. Your guess is as good as mine.

I would guess most of them are being refined internally in their large and growing petrochemical industry.

Saudi Arabia Exports

NGLs are virtually useless for producing gasoline and are reported to have an energy content only 50-60% that of crude oil.

Anonymous said...

For 2007 KSA NGLs were 1.42 mbpd of which 0.79 mbpd were exports. However they do not appear to have been included in the C+C figures of 6.6 mbpd. page 34

also try


Anonymous said...

What data are your charts based on? IEA? EIA? Somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Mainly EIA. But I use BP for consumption. I also use IEA, OPEC, and Platts on occasion. I use Pemex for Mexico.


Anonymous said...

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