Monday, July 21, 2008

Net Oil Exports - July 2008 Update

Net Oil Exports - July 2008 Update. Top 20 Exporters (93% of total exports).


Anonymous said...

The 'Net Exports' don't improve much. The IEA expects non-OPEC production growth to stall - not a good prospect!

As time moves on with no great improvement in net exports, the cumulative shortfall in BAU net export production since growth stalled in 2005 is now around 10 million barrels per day! ... that probably explains why the price has risen so rapidly in the last three years or so.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... the system truncates the link for some reason.



admin said...

Trend Chart

Xeroid, just use html link code, i.e. (a href="[link here]")Trend Chart(/a)

Just substitute < and > for ( and )

Anonymous said...

Thx for the hard work ! Sobering chart ...


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Thanks for the tip ... not all html tags work here ... it's easy when you know which ones do work.

Good work by the way, as usual.

You can see from my comments that IMO it's not a net-exports peak, as such, that matters but the damaging rapid and massive decline from BAU that we have with even a 'peak lite' scenario.