Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oil Consumption Changes 2005 - 2007

The BP 2008 Annual Statistical Review has been released. These are the consumption numbers. I used the difference over the past two year, rather than one year. I'll comment some more on the numbers soon building up to an export update around the 30th.

These are the Top Ten Gainers and Top Ten Losers by Barrels per Day. Besides China and Saudi, which are obvious points of interest, Germany and Singapore must be looked at.


andy_t_roo said...

What does the change in consumption sum to? - i would of thought that it should sum to approximatally 0 as world oil production hasn't changed much in the last while, but there seems to be a predominance of increases in that small graph.

Anonymous said...

I just used the top gainers and losers for this chart.

The problem is that the dataset released by BP only counts 40 or 50countries. The rest is grouped into regions. It is basically an accurate estimate.

Given zero change in production, yes, the changes in consumption should sum to zero.

That's also why I used the last two years instead of one,to get a longer term view and show better contrast.


Jonathan Callahan said...

I've posted another tool based on the BP 2008 data that plots import/export/production/consumption histories for each country:

Anonymous said...

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