Sunday, September 23, 2007

Net Oil Exports - September Update


Slippery Slope said...

It would be nice to see another chart with the price of a benchmark crude oil plotted with net exports. I postulate that price movement is correlated with variation in net export. Of course we know price first for any given period so net export statistics will not be useful for price forecasting, but perhaps current price variation might be an important cue for what eventually will be reported for net exports for the current period.
Regards, Steve.

mfp said...

Thanks for the comment. I will add price to the next chart I do. Probably in the next week.

babicus said...

Thanks very much for the data! Its accessible and great to check various points. I know it takes a while to get it all together. Invaluable!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting chart!
I´ve been following the discussion over at TOD since late 2004, and this is basically what it all comes down to.

Especially with Russia going into decline (2nd peak actually), probably within the coming 6 months. Then world export capacity will definitely be heading downwards.

Keep up the good work!